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    The Szent István University founded the SZIE Sport Kft. to manage the sports facilities which are owned by the institution. The company has the opportunity now to ensure the services on a higher quality for the SZIE citizens and for the people in the region.

    The main goal of the SZIE Sports Club to ensure the background of the Sports Office, including the PE lessons and the freetime sport. One of the most important tasks of the Club is to utilizing the sport facilities and organizing events for the „outsiders” – who are not SZIE citizens. From these incomes the company can develop the facilities and raise the quality of its service.

    Or goal is to satisfy the demands which appeard in the region and to make a more seductive University with the help of the sport. We renewed the Bath of the University, more parts of the Sports Hall, the football fields and create a crossfit room. The Club modernized the PE lessons: a lot of new lessons appeard in the timetable – yoga, crossfit, TRX, etc. Our goal is to support the sports life of the University in a more organized way. The members of the Club can use its services or can use them cheaper. The members can go to group lessons, use the facilities, and some programs can be visited on a lower price.

    Every member get a Clubcard with bar code and photo which can be used in a various way. It is the „acces card” to the PE lessons, the card owners can collect points with the card which can be used for free sports.

    The goal of the Club is to develop the sports facilities of the University and raise the quality and make more varied of its service.


    Sign up

    You can sign up to the SZIE Sports Club on this page (scroll down). Fill in the document and during the process you will get a code for your card, with that you can enjoy the benefits of it. Later go to the Sports Hall /on a weekday between 9.00am and 20.00pm/ to the reception and we will make a photo of you. A week later you can come back and get your membercard.

    If you have a card

    Show your card in the buffet when you buy something – you can collect points with it.
    You can go to the Bath with cheaper tickets.
    Buy your SZIE Sports Club tickets or passes on a discounted price or free.
    Shop at the TESSCard’s partners or on the TESSOnline.hu on discounted prices with your card.

    If you have any questions please contact us on our Facebook page (facebook.com/sziesport) or email us on the info@sziesport.hu.

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